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Emily Cathlene H.

She arrived 1.30.08 (5 weeks early) weighing 4lbs 9oz and 17 inches long.  She has a head full of Red Curly(ish) hair. 

 She’s doing well.  Still in the hospital but thriving and off the oxygen already. 

And it looks functional!


close up


The flowers are removable

One of my resolutions was to keep my blog updated so that family and friends who are farther away can enjoy seeing pictures and knowing what the bugletto’s are up to.  So this is my promise that no matter what else is going on, there will be a new post weekly at minimum on this blog.  

 Now that post may just be pictures, but it’ll be a post.

So a quick family unit update!  We’re all getting over being sick.  The flu bug hit our home, through Rocky, and we’ve all been down. Yes even the baby. 

 Christmas was great. I think both girls enjoyed all the family, friends, and of course goodies.   Caitlyn’s favorite was of course, her new swingset.   Gotta love AR weather, and being able to put the swingset together on christmas eve.  Isabella really enjoyed her cloth ring stack from grandma and of course all the new clothes.

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The girls are getting a new cousin.  Jared and Amanda are expecting.  Funny that their due date is Izzie’s bday. 

Personally I’m hoping for a boy

We took the girls to the lake yesterday, Izzie loved the water. Took lots of pics and will get the posted soon